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A winter holiday on a farm


As autumn creeps over the land the leaves slowly change into a myriad of colours – reds, yellows, brown. The evenings become quiet and still and a cold blanket of air descends upon the land. Time is changing and winter is only around the corner. Autumn is the ideal period to relax and unwind after the hustle and bustle of the hot summer months. It is time to take stock and prepare yourself for the cold winter months ahead.
By autumn time the main work of the farm has already been done. The cattle have returned from the high alpine pastures and the barns are full of hay. Everything is ready for the winter and a gentle peace descends upon the land. Chestnuts are falling from the trees and the mountains already have their first covering of snow. It’s time to prepare body and soul for the winter. It’s time for a relaxing stay on a farm!

Autumn in Austria

While the first snow is falling, you are sitting in the warm farmhouse by the stove telling stories, old and new, and enjoying a heart-warming cup of hot chocolate with homemade biscuits. It’s the most comfortable and gentle way to prepare yourself for the coming winter and skiing season. The pastures and slopes are covered by snow, the lakes are freezing over and the skiing resorts are filling up with people.
The winter sports season has begun and the cosy alpine huts are full of hungry skiers, snowboarders and hill-walkers. For those who prefer to spend to Christmas indoors, in warmth, quiet, and comfort the natural choice is to spend a holiday with the whole family in a country farmhouse.

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